PUBG Mobile Resident Evil 2 Event

PUBG Mobile Now Offers a Time-Limited Event Inspired by Resident Evil 2

When Capcom decided to release a remake of Resident Evil 2, older fans seemed happier than the younger generations who haven’t had the chance to play the original. The remake received fairly positive reviews from critics, but it doesn’t seem like it managed to get close to the new generation of players.

That is why Capcom has made an excellent marketing move and signed a deal with PUBG Corporations. Thanks to that, PUBG Mobile now has a special RE2 crossover event. The event is now live, and you can play it if you download the game from the app store.

The name of the Resident Evil 2 event is Zombie: Survive Till Dawn. According to details revealed by Eurogamer, the developers selected Erangel map as the setting for the live event. Aside from the Battle Royale concept, you may expect in PUBG; this special event offers the chance to test yourself in PvE combat.

Staying Alive Just Got Harder

Here is how it works – each session lasts for 30 minutes, which equals three in-game days (and two nights). During the day, everything will seem like usual in PUBG Mobile, and your goal will be to survive and eliminate as many other players as possible. You may encounter a couple of zombies, including Lickers, police zombies, and other familiar creatures from Resident Evil 2.

If you survive until the night falls, that is when the problems start. The night will make the zombies hungry and mad, and your task of surviving will become much harder.

The mixture of PvE and PvP action is what is supposed to make this crossover particularly interesting. You can also win some cool prizes, including Claire and Leon skill sets, and Marvin and Ada costumes.

The developers emphasized that the event is time-limited, but it doesn’t seem like it has an expiration date at this point The chances are that the creators want to see whether the users will like the new mode and then make the decision on how long to run the event.

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