PUBG Loot Boxes and Desert Map New Details

PUBG Loot Boxes

After Electronic Arts encountered negative feedback for adding microtransactions that affect gameplay to Star Wars Battlefront II, it seems that all major developers wary of loot boxes. When it comes to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the option to customize your player via buying gear packs is present for a while. However, their focus has solely been on cosmetic items, and they plan to keep it that way.

“We don’t intend to add anything that would adjust the gameplay,” said Changhan Kim, the CEO of Bluehole.

According to Kim, cosmetic items in PUBG are reasonably popular among players. The studio plans to expand their offer in this area.

“We will add more cosmetic items soon. However, that won’t happen until we release the 1.0 update in December. That is our priority at the moment.”

Bluehole participated in a Q&A session held at the recent G-Star event and Kim and Junhyuk Choi, the lead designer, provided some exciting answers. For example, they said that the team is not planning on implementing a tutorial mode because “there is no practice in life.” You can check out the transcript of the session on PlayBattleGrounds Forum.

The Cheating Issue

Kim and Choi said that they are still trying to deal with cheaters in PUBG. They admitted that they weren’t prepared on time, especially with the game in the Early Access phase. However, they were surprised to see how many cheaters are out there.

“Their number has exceeded our expectations. We are sorry for any inconvenience they cause, and we consider our top priority to deal with this issue,” said Choi.

He pinpointed that Bluehole has started around-the-clock monitoring of the game. They also formed new teams that should improve and tighten up game policies to help deal with those who are trying to cheat. However, they admitted that it won’t be an easy battle.

“Combat against cheating is an endless fight.”

Welcome to Miramar – Desert Map Names and Details

In other news related to PUBG, Bluehole finally revealed details about the new desert map that will be added to the game soon. They discovered that the official map name is Miramar and that it has a total of eight regions. Los Leones is the center of the area (or it used to be), while El Pozo is famous for the industry. Former tourist destinations and Oceanside towns are also included. The details about all eight regions and some new screens are available on Steam Community.

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