PUBG Coming to China with “Appropriate Changes”

PUBG China

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is undoubtedly one of the favorite games worldwide at the moment. However, the government of China seems to be among those few that aren’t exactly the biggest fans of the Battle Royale shooter. In fact, they believe that the game doesn’t line up with the social values of their country, which is why they even announced the possibility of banning it.

That forced Bluehole Studios, the developers of PUBG, to react and sign a partnership deal with Tencent, arguably the most prominent gaming publisher in China. The companies agreed to an exclusive contract that will allow Tencent to publish the game, but with specific changes implemented to comply with Chinese values and regulations.

According to the news agency Reuters, the publisher announced that they made a deal with the PUBG authors from South Korea.

“We will adjust the content to make sure it complies with all the regulations and particularly the core social values of our country. We will ensure to honor the moral rules and the Chinese traditional culture,” said Tencent.

At this moment, we are not sure about the concrete changes that will be implemented, but it’s sure that Tencent will manage the servers and deal with cheaters. They are expected to pay particular focus to those who cheat, which has been a significant issue for PUBG for a while now. Apart from that, we can expect the game to “offer positive cultural guidance and primarily focus on sending the right message to the underage gamers.”

The release date of the Chinese version of PUBG has not yet been confirmed.

Rising Popularity of Games in China

As the world’s biggest country, it’s clear that China is a video game market with tremendous potential. However, their government is trying to filter the online content and deal with issues such as gaming addiction and in-game violence, which makes it a challenge for all publishers.

Chinese developers are known to take ideas from the favorite games in the Western world and adapt them for their national releases. For example, Wilderness and Terminator 2, two publications from NetEase, greatly remind of PUBG because of their survival concept. Those two games are in top three in China when it comes to free to download mobile titles.

Tencent also has grand success with their Honor of Kings, which was also released for iOS and Android worldwide as King of Glory and will soon appear on Nintendo Switch.

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