PUBG 1.0 Will Feature New Weapons and Modified Desert Map

PUBG Desert Map Changes

Long live data miners! I am sure that is what an average PUBG fan (hint: me) thinks whenever we get new information about the 1.0 edition of the game, which was tested during the last couple of days. New reports reveal information about three new weapons (or four, depending what you believe is worthy to be named a gun), as well as some changes made to the desert map.

Let’s discuss arms first as they are what can give you the crucial advantage over the competitors and get you to be the last man standing in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The three new additions to the weapon roster are Winchester 1894 rifle, a Rhino revolver, and a double-barrel shotgun which looks like it is sawed off. You can take a look at these, as well as some new clothing on Reddit. Considering that the data was mined and it is not official information, all we have is pictures, and we can’t share any details about the arms.

However, did you notice another sweet piece of weaponry among the photos? It seems that PUBG 1.0 will also feature a flare gun, which is supported both by the images and sound assets found. It would be interesting to see how this addition would fit into a game whose premise is “each man for himself,” but we assume that it could bring an extra element of strategy.

Modifications to the Desert Map

Each new testing and update seems to bring changes to the desert map, whose screenshots you can check out here. As for the layout, the players had only positive things to say about that. However, the names of specific towns and areas were troublesome. For example, it seems that nobody liked Murderlands and that is something the developers decided to change.

The names of the locations on the map, whose layout you can see here, are now more appropriate to South America, which seems to be the region where this desert is. Silver Mine and Military Base appear to be set to stay, and there are a couple of areas that sound intriguing, such as Los Leonas or San Marcos (GTA anyone?).

Keep in mind that all this info is not coming from the developers and you need to take it with a pinch of salt. In essence, it’s just data found in the folders on the PUBG testing servers, and it doesn’t mean it will be included in the game. Bluehole plans to release the 1.0 version of Battlegrounds next month.

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