PUBG 1.0 Hits Test Servers with Ballistics and Vaulting Changes

PUBG 1.0

The incredible popularity that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds achieved since its release in March didn’t seem to make the developers speed up things when it comes to releasing a full version. However, we are finally getting close to the PUBG 1.0 update which has hit the test servers last night. The first impression of those who got to play it is that vaulting and ballistics enhancements significantly change the gaming experience.

The Vaulting System

In the previous versions of the game, there was an exploit that allowed you to combine two buttons to jump over smaller walls. However, that was fixed, and the 1.0 edition of PUBG brings us the vaulting system. That means that those low fences that were our biggest enemy are now more than beatable by pressing just one button on the keyboard.

PUBG Vaulting Live

As for vaulting, you can climb up the nearby object by holding the button for jumping. Your movement speed will influence how quickly you vault the obstacle, which means that you need to sprint if you want to climb higher objects. In practice, this helps in balancing things out on the battlefield and makes looting quicker.

You can now break the windows to enter houses or other objects. However, keep in mind that you will make noise that might let others in your vicinity know that you are there.

The Ballistics Improvements

While vaulting certainly makes the gaming experience more exciting, we shouldn’t neglect the improvements made to the ballistics’ system. These changes are most apparent in long-range shots. The air drag affects the trajectory of every bullet, which means that the bullet drop will increase the longer the distance of the shot. Also, all bullets fired from over 300 meters will now be far less accurate and trickier to perform. It’s needless to say that this will decrease the amount of lucky long-range shots. That will prevent someone from killing you without any warning. However, if an opponent manages to do that, he can be extremely proud of making a tough shot.

There is a bunch of other small tweaks that should improve the gaming experience. Bluehole tried to iron out as many issues as possible and will continue updating the game to make sure that the PUBG 1.0 has as few bugs as possible. You can take a look at the changes the developers made on the game’s official website. Make sure you also check out the upcoming desert map and new vehicles.

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