Sony recently introduced the world to its brand new wireless controller for the upcoming PS5 console. Following the console, the controller will, of course, come packing new technologies and designs for enhanced immersion and overall gaming quality. Let’s take a look at this elegantly android-looking controller.

The Name

The new PS5 controller is named DualSense instead of the traditional DualShock. There’s more to it than just a simple name change however as it indicates the direction that Sony wants to take with their new technology. They are already taking steps towards further improving the overall audio experience in games with their Tempest 3D AudioTech, which will create a 3D audio space in games. So, it’s clear they are working towards gripping the senses.

Sense of Touch

This time around, Sony has decided to move towards haptic feedback for their DualSense controller. What inspired this was a lack of audio and touch-response based technology in previous consoles. Not to mention that DualSense will also feature adaptive triggers on the L2 and R2 buttons for better sensory immersion while using them. For instance, actions such as drawing the bow to shoot arrows, driving off-roads, etc. will exert much more tension on your hands, effectively making it more realistic and engaging.

Though the incorporation of these new technological modules may risk the DualSense to be heavier, rest assured, Sony’s design team has worked extensively with engineers to make sure the DualSense is as light-weight as possible.

Quality of Life

A really good and sort of underlooked quality of life feature that is contained in the DualSense is the built-in mic. While Sony recommends a headset if you are going to be in a chat session for a long period of time, the fact that we will be able to instantly jump into chatting with friends is awesome and a step forward.


The Create Button

A big design philosophy that Sony had this time around was to not only bring more immersion to the table through audio and sense technologies but also build from the successes of DualShock 4. Now, we all know how famous the ‘Share’ button first seen in PS4 is. Naturally, Sony wants to improve upon it further. DualSense will feature a new ‘Create’ button instead of ‘Share’. While Sony hasn’t yet provided us with detailed information about this, we know that it will help players create and share their awesome gaming content in new ways.

Rechargeable Battery and more

Keeping the DualShock tradition alive, the new DualSense will also use a rechargeable battery, though it will also now use the USB-C port.

Sony has also adjusted button positions and updated the grip, with ergonomics in mind, for more convenience to the players. They have paid attention to the smallest details of the DualSense controller to achieve their goal of immersion through senses.

What if the black sections of the controller gave out neon-ish lights when it was dark? Just a thought!

It is great to see Sony experimenting with different aesthetics for DualSense. The dual color combination with the blue light stylistically emanates the future. We can’t help imagine and anticipate what the PS5 itself will look like.

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