Project Wingman Has an Alpha Demo Filled with Flight Combat Action

Project Wingman

We already have plenty of aircraft simulators that allow you to take control of planes while being extremely dedicated to details. Some people love those simulations, but there are those that are missing combat flight actions that games used to deliver regularly.

That is where Project Wingman comes into play. It is an independently developed arcade flyer with high-paced action and plenty of combat. The game is currently in the alpha phase, but you can already test the demo for free. Head to this page if you are interested in downloading it. The demo features a single-player campaign with three missions, as well as three aircraft that you can fly. Apart from that, you can pick one of ten different weapons and even try the unique Conquest mode.

The demo was created for the purpose of funding Project Wingman on Kickstarter. At this moment, the author estimates that the full version will release in May 2019. We assume that they will do everything in their power to deliver on time, considering that they already gathered three times more money than what was set as a goal.

What Is Project Wingman?

As we already mentioned, it is an arcade flight game with a lot of combat and non-stop action. The developers focused on high-paced gameplay, but they also came up with an intriguing plotline. In an alternate history of the planet Earth, the Federation has gained control of geothermal deposits, the most critical resource on the entire planet. Tensions are rising in the multinational order, and an armed rebellion is around the corner. You will play as a mercenary pilot fighting for freedom in exciting missions during the single-player campaign. The game will also feature a Conquest mode, which should remind of a game of territory capture with certain RPG and roguelike elements.

One of the most exciting features of Project Wingman is VR support. Add to that 20 aircraft and 40 weapons and, if the developers do things right, we will be in for an amazing game!

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