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Project BBQ Announced As a 3D Sequel to Dungeon Fighter Online

Don’t you just love games that get announced on Christmas day? It is like you are getting a present for the holidays. The latest announcement is present for fans of action RPG genre who will soon get to play a new online game called Project BBQ.

The official reveals occurred in South Korea where Dungeon & Fighter Carnival was taking place. According to the available information, Action Studio will be working on the release. They are a team made of people working at Neople and their task is to create an online title based on the Dungeon Fighter Online IP lore.

The studio will use Unreal Engine 4, which is definitely promising. Now, you may not be familiar with what Dungeon Fighter Online is, so let’s take a history trip back to 2005. It was the year when the game was officially revealed. Although it was 2D, it featured high-paced action and an excellent beat’em up experience with bonus elements like party play, arenas, guilds, and mentorship. Over time, the game earned more than $10 million and had more than 600 million downloads throughout the world.

A Decade Old Game

It has been more than a decade since the original was released, which means it is the perfect time for a sequel – or sort of a sequel. According to the announcement, Project BBQ will revive the IP but make the in-game environment completely 3D. You can check out the trailer to see how everything looks.

The recipe from the initial instalment will likely not be changed – as the footage demonstrates, high-paced battles will be a mandatory inclusion in Project BBQ. What surprised us is the impressive level of graphics featured in the video.

Although the development studio is NEXON’s subsidiary, there is a chance that Neople will publish the game independently. This is precisely what happened with the original, which is actually an interesting story. NEXON has a lot of similarities with some studios that love monetization (hint: EA), which is why Dungeon Fighter Online wasn’t received great on Steam. The servers lasted for only three years until Neople officially took over and got mostly positive reviews.

There is no official release date on Project BBQ yet, but we know that there will be up to eight classes of characters featured in the final version. Stay tuned for future updates!

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