The President of Blizzard Steps Down, J. Allen Brack to Assume the Role

Mike Morhaime is no longer the president of Blizzard. This was confirmed in an announcement published by Activision. The co-founder of the company will be replaced by J. Allen Brack, the executive producer of the World of Warcraft. Morhaime will, however, not leave the company, but remain as a strategic advisor. He explained this decision in a statement.

“I worked with incredible people over the years and was very excited to be part of the team that designed in-game worlds and games. It is time for a change, but I look forward to remaining in the company as an advisor. My colleague, friend, and advisor, J Allen Black, will replace me.”

The co-founder of Blizzard expressed his appreciation for the support provided by colleagues and fans over previous decades.

“Some of the biggest moments of my entire life happened here, as well as some difficult ones, but you have been there all the time. I feel lucky to know many of you in person and I am grateful for the connection we made over social media, e-mails, and messages. I’ve always loved to see the community’s feedback and found inspiration and comfort in communicating with fans.”

Morhaime insisted that the company will continue in the right direction.

“Gameplay is our top priority and it will remain like that in the future. We will continue to listen to the community and their feedback. BlizzCon is getting close and we are all looking forward to that event. I am certain that J has the right commitment and vision to take the company forward. After all, he has been incredibly successful as the WoW team leader for over a decade. It takes a lot of creativity to maintain a community that big for so many years.”

As for other company changes, Ray Gresko will assume the role of CDO (chief development officer) and Allen Adham will also become a part of the team of executives in a role that yet needs to be confirmed. These are both people that have been in the company for years and the good news is that we may expect several new releases from Blizzard in the near future, although they still have to provide more details on that information.

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