A Promising Indie Game Called Praey for the Gods Enters Early Access

Praey for the Gods

Praey for the Gods is an in-development indie adventure of an unusual name. No, it is not a typo as the developers were forced to change the title after Bethesda’s lawyers “asked” them to do so. Although the name was problematic, the indie scene still expects a lot from this release.

That is why everyone got so excited yesterday when No Matter Studios revealed that the game would enter the Early Access phase. The official date when Praey for the Gods will become available is January 31, 2019. It is interesting to mention that this comes almost three years after the official announcement of the project. The crowdfunding helped to raise more than $500,000, although the goal was set at $300,000. Considering that this is a debut game from the studio, it isn’t hard to determine that the concept is what attracted the donations.

The game is set on an isolated, frozen island and features a beautiful snow-covered landscape. The winter is lasting who knows for how long (who said Game of Thrones) and you need to head to the end of the world to find out the mystery behind the eternal cold.

During your journey, you will encounter numerous bosses in the form of massive beasts bound to the island. The adventure offers a completely open-world where you can climb everything you see. You can also swim in cold water if that will help discover new locations. However, keep in mind that the temperature of the water is low and you may suffer from freezing!

Yes, this is essentially a survival game. Praey for the Gods forces you to make a fire to keep yourself warm, look for food, and craft useful tools and equipment, as well as weapons that will help you tackle enemies. You will pick your own story, and you can also choose how to tackle the beasts. According to the developers, if you want to resolve the mystery, you might have to destroy the gods you believe in.

Praey for the Gods should not be in Early Access for more than 12 months, but we assume it will depend a lot on the feedback from the fans. Check out the launch trailer below:

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