The PS5 is almost within our reach. News of the console’s price and the possible release date only hype the crowd even more. With all that said, when it comes to the actual games for the console, not many have been teased. Only small rumors of a new Uncharted, God of War, and Horizon game being exclusive for the upcoming platform. However, one thing is confirmed yet remains mysterious, that a specific game will be remastered as one of the first titles for the console. So what could this remaster be, from which developer could it come, and what should we expect?

More Darkness And Despair?

From Software comes to mind as one of the first studios that could potentially deliver this new remaster. This comes as no surprise, as fans of the Souls series hammer down on how much they want one game to be re-released. Demon Souls is by no means a perfect game but is definitely one that changed the RPG genre. Yet with the release of Dark Souls, a much more refined experience, its prequel aged poorly.

And with it, the need for a remaster of this beloved cult classic continues to grow. There’s a lot of hope for this one thanks to the fact that the first Dark Souls was re-released in 2018 with features that made their debut way after its initial launch.

Miyazaki’s studio, on the other hand, is one that doesn’t usually announce things right away. And with Elden Ring, the next entry in the Miyazaki saga, as I call it, this could take a couple of years. But with a more polished multiplayer mechanic and gameplay, this could be an easy winner in our book.

A Tactical Espionage Remaster

On the other side of the moon, we go for another fan-demanded game – Metal Gear Solid. Ever since the Gamecube remake of the original PS1 classic, fans have been on a raging riot anticipating the day when Konami might re-release this masterpiece. This became even more apparent with the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which only upped the ante. And even though the FOX Engine is nothing to brag about, it did push the limits and allowed different approaches to each mission.

Metal Gear Solid 1 Remaster

So adding the FOX Engine to an already astonishing plot could be the right way to go. As Konami’s rival demonstrated, Resident Evil took the already established formula with RE7 and only used the plot and setting of RE2 and 3. And again, Capcom proved that there is a crowd of consumers waiting to play such titles.

While it isn’t all about money, this should be an easy win. Especially since MGS is considered the best PS1 title ever. Solid Snake would be amazing using next-gen graphics, and early modding examples can already be viewed online. So with Konami being squeezed in a tight corner, this could be their possible way out. And a chance for new players to experience something remarkable on the PS5.

A Trip To Gothic-Horror

Another potential game that could once again see the light of day is a personal favorite of ours. Soul Reaver may look like much on the surface, but when you claw your way deep into its root, it has one of the best narratives and dialogues in a PS1 title. So much love and care were put into this title that by the end of its series, fans were left sad and without an epilogue. It is hard to say what could have come out of this had it continued to evolve. But besides a few attempts, a good Legacy of Kain game was not seen in over 10 years.

The potential is there. Crystal Dynamics is the studio that currently owns the rights of the franchise and that neglects to return to it. However, a chance still exists. Amy Henning, the magnificent writer of the series, joined Skydance studios and her current IP is in the works. Amy was one of the chief writers on the series, and with the success of the IP, could garner a transfer of the game’s rights, should she ever want to revisit the franchise again.

A marvelous title that blended gothic-horror with fantasy and hack-and-slash, this gem is something many fondly remember to this day. And one that definitely deserves a remaster. Better graphics, more refined gameplay, and the same voice acting team, could make this action-adventure game shine like it once did. So a remaster, would you kindly?

It’s hard to pinpoint which game would fit this mysterious spot, yet we would like to know your thoughts on it. So be sure to like, follow us, and comment below.

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