Polybius PC Release

Polybius, a High-Paced Arcade Shooter with VR Support, Is Now Available for PC

Polybius is an arcade shooter that used to be exclusive to PlayStation, but now it is finally available to PC users, too. Developed and published by Llamasoft, this game is predominantly made for VR devices, although it can also be played on standard monitors. However, the developers emphasize that Oculus Rift is the best way to maximize the playing experience.

Your task is to navigate a ship through trippy tunnels across a total of 50 levels that could be described as psychedelic. The atmosphere is further contributed by the incredible soundtrack that includes trance music you will enjoy while avoiding dangers and destroying enemies on your path.

Polybius is a fun little game, but nonetheless extremely addictive and high-paced. Your final score will depend on how fast you go. In order to boost your speed, you need to fly through the specific gates in the tunnels. This elevates your multiplier and affects final score, but keep in mind that higher speed also means more trouble in avoiding the obstacles.

Difficulty Levels and Powerups

The gaming experience is made even more exciting with powerups like invincibility, extra speed, and slowing down time. You always continue from the point where you died instead of utilizing checkpoints and having to redo certain areas.

Polybius allows you to choose between three difficulty modes – the standard one allows you to restart the level you are currently playing and keep your total score and the highest amount of lives you had. The Endurance mode provides only a restricted number of lives while Pure mode is the most challenging – you start from the very first level and use your skills to pass as many levels as possible.

The initial comments on Steam are mostly positive as the PC community seems to have welcomed the game well. This doesn’t come as strange since it had the majority of positive reviews on PlayStation 4, too. If you are up for a quick shooter with lots of action, you can purchase Polybius for $14.

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