Pokemon Go Gen 4

Pokemon Go Players Will Soon Get the Chance to Catch Gen 4 Pokemon

Pokemon Go still has thousands of active players, although people claim no one plays the game anymore. In fact, it was reported in June that the levels of the popularity of Pikachu and friends has never been so high. Niantic now confirmed that Pokemon Go is receiving a new update, which adds plenty of significant enhancements to the game. These include choosing more than one Pokemon in a Raid or when preparing for a Gym battle, but there is one change that intrigued everyone more than all others. The company officially confirmed that Gen 4 Pokemon are coming to the game!

We remind you that these already had their premiere on DS in Pokemon Platinum/Pearl/Diamond version, but they will soon be heading to smartphones, too. According to Niantic, you still cannot catch them, but there is a chance you will start noticing them soon. In fact, more than 100 Gen 4 Pokemon are already present in the code, which means that their appearance is just a matter of time.

Now, as far as we know Niantic, the chances are that the new Pokemon will gradually be implemented into the game. After all, that was the case with Gen 3 and it took several months for the company to add them all into the game. We wouldn’t be surprised if that situation repeats now, but that doesn’t change the fact these are exciting news for all Pokemon Go players.

This also implies that we can expect more Raid Battles to be available real soon, particularly because Gen 4 includes a considerable portion of Legendary Pokemon.

Some of the Pokemon that will be available include Piplup, who the videos portray swimming below an ice layer, Turtwig who prefers grass surfaces, and Chimchar who seems to be living in a cave. Another mystique addition is a Mythical Pokemon called Meltan, but in order to catch them, you will need to connect the Go game to Let’s Go, Eevee or Let’s Go, Pikachu for Switch.

There is no news when Gen 4 Pokemon will be making an appearance in the in-game world of Pokemon Go, but there is no doubt that it will happen soon.

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