MGS V Leads PlayStation Plus Games of the Month in October 2017

Playstation Plus October 2017

There are several reasons why you should consider becoming a Plus subscriber if you own a PlayStation console. By far the most important one is the fact that you would be getting to play a range of selected games completely free.

The titles available rotate on a monthly basis, and Sony always makes sure to offer something for everyone. You often have a chance to play games that were greatest hits just a couple of years ago. Aside from that, some indie releases deserve your attention, but you probably wouldn’t know they even existed if it wasn’t for this subscription.

Here is a list of games available with PlayStation Plus membership in October 2017:

Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain

MGSV is unquestionably the star of this month’s lineup. Perhaps it’s even the best game offered during the entire year. This is the last installment in the franchise created by Kojima Productions, which deserves all the credits for the success of the series in the first place. You can expect a lot of stealth action in this open-world title available for free on PlayStation 4 if you have PS Plus subscription.

Amnesia: Collection

Halloween is right around the corner, and it seems that Amnesia: Collection completely fits as a gift to all the lovers of this holiday. You don’t get just one game here, but the entire package, including Justine, A Machine for Pigs and The Dark Descent. That means you get three installments of this incredible horror series. If you are up for some action that will frighten you, there is no way to go wrong with Amnesia. Depending on the sequels, you will play with different characters, which means you surely won’t get bored. Amnesia: Collection is available solely on PlayStation 4.


Hue offers a fascinating concept that guarantees a lot of fun. It is a puzzle platform game where your task is to change the color of the background. That way you can avoid the obstacles and progress in the game. Hue is considered one of the real gems of the puzzle genre and the developers received many awards and recognitions for its development. You can play it for free on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita as long as you have Plus subscription.

Sky Force Anniversary

Another game available on both PS Vita and PS4 is Sky Force Anniversary. This incredible shoot-‘em-up offers non-stop action that will keep you on the screen for a long time. Although the premise is simple, it’s incredibly addictive, and the graphics are fantastic.

Hustle Kings

Whenever you feel like shooting some pool, but you don’t want to go outside, turn to Hustle Kings. The fantastic pool simulation will be available for free on PS3 and PS Vita until the end of October. It offers a vast selection of pool games and tables to play. You can play it both against your friends offline or head online and test your skills against real-life players from around the world.

Monster Jam Battlegrounds

If you are a fan of monster trucks, you will be glad to know that you can now play the official Monster Jam game for free on PlayStation 3. The authors gave their best to secure all the required licenses and included 23 official trucks, five authentic stadiums and three different modes – race, freestyle, and stunt. Even more importantly, the physics are just what you would expect when driving a monster truck.

And A Little Bonus: That’s You

Aside from this month’s lineup that is available for free until the end of October, PS Plus subscribers also have another game at their disposal. “That’s You” is the first game enabled for PS Plus members in July and it will be available until October 24th. It is a social quiz that you can play with five other people. By answering various questions, you can discover what you and your friends think about each other.

The list of the free games of the month available in October 2017 for PS Plus subscribers is extensive. In total, you get more than $60 worth of games without paying a single penny. The deal is more than worth it, especially since this trend of securing free titles to play will continue in the following months.

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