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PlayStation Now October Games: The Last Of Us Part II, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, Fallout 76, And Many More!

PlayStation Now October Games: The Last Of Us Part II, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, Fallout 76, And Many More!

Another solid line-up of titles joins the already impressive library of PlayStation Now!

A quick reminder of what the service boils down to before I introduce the PlayStation Now October games. It’s a game subscription service that gives you access to hundreds of PS2, PS4, and PS3 games. You can stream any of the hundreds of games present in their lineup, and stream them to your PlayStation 4 and 5 devices. The service even allows you to stream PlayStation games to your PC!

PlayStation Now October additions join the many titles already available in the service today. These include:

  • The Last of Us Part II (available until Monday, January 3, 2022)
  • Fallout 76
  • Desperados III
  • Amnesia: Collection
  • Final Fantasy VIII Remastered
  • Yet Another Zombie Defense
  • Victor Vran: Overkill Edition

The Last of Us Part II

Part of a PlayStation exclusive franchise, which generated 24 million sales. The Last of Us needs no introductions to the majority of the gaming world. But for those of you who still haven’t picked it up. The game is a post-apocalyptic, action-adventure title, featuring zombie-like creatures, with a heavy focus on the story. Both The Last of Us games are a must-play for any PlayStation and Sony fans.

Fallout 76

Another quite famous title. Fallout 76 is an open-world multiplayer game set in the Fallout universe. Gameplay focuses on scavenging for parts and weapons, to build up your arsenal and your own hideout. Players are free to engage others or work together to survive against the mutated horrors of postapocalyptic America. While the title did receive a ton of negative feedback during its launch, the game is now in a much better state! I encourage anyone with PlayStation Now to give the title a chance.

Desperados III

This one is a fast-paced, story-driven, real-time tactical game with a Wild West setting. The title will take you through beautiful landscapes ranging from rural towns, swamps, and riverbanks, to red-ish canyons. All the while you and your gang are under fire from a vast array of baddies and bandits. It’s on you to guide John Cooper to his redemption. And you will need to use various special abilities his gang provides if you hope to survive.

Amnesia: Collection

Revisit the experiences that redefined horror gameplay for generations to come. In Amnesia: Dark Descent, you must explore a castle full of otherworldly creatures. All while piecing together clues and your own wiped memories to uncover the secret of the horrible estate. Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs puts us in the shoes of a father haunted by nightmares. Only he can save his children from the hellish engine that stalks his dreams. And finally, Amnesia: Justine which puts you in the middle of trials constructed for someone’s sickly pleasure. It’s up to you to survive and save other contestants.

All of this and much more in PlayStation Now October line-up!

There are countless stories and adventures on the PlayStation Now service. To even list them all, I would need to spend a considerable amount of time. Let alone describe each briefly. PlayStation Now is available through the PlayStation Store right here. If you would like to know which games joined the service last month, you can find out right here!