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You Can Now Download and Stream PS 4 and PS 2 Games Via PlayStation Now

Exciting news are coming from Sony as the company announced that you will now need a PlayStation 4 console with just a single subscription to download and stream PlayStation Now titles, which means they will be playable both online and offline. A huge majority of release available through this service can be downloaded, including NBA 2K16, God of War 3 Remastered, and Bloodborne. However, this is not the end of good news as there will be some PlayStation 2 classics that have been remastered for PS4 that will also be available for download. Sony emphasized that it might take several days for the service to be made available to all customers, which means we will need a bit of patience.

The important thing is that any game that you download via PlayStation now will provide support for microtransactions, as well as downloadable content and add-ons purchased by the users. Keep in mind that PS now doesn’t require you to subscribe to PlayStation Plus to play multiplayer online. Sony also enabled all those that were streaming their games to download them and continue playing the saved game offline. However, the instructions are a bit complicated and you might want to consider this guide.

The only thing that users will have to do is to have a valid internet connection so that they can confirm their membership to PlayStation Now service every several days. This is a must even if you choose to solely play the games offline.

Sony Summer Sale Available Until September 25

PlayStation has secured discounts for their members during the summer, but you only have several more days to take advantage of this promotion. New subscribers may apply for PlayStation Now for only $9.99 for the first month or choose the entire year subscription and pay $99.99. The existing members of the PS Plus service can purchase a special PlayStation Now pass for only $29.99, which is $20 less than the standard cost.

PlayStation Now is a service that offers an excellent opportunity to test the games that you might have missed to buy and play. Alternatively, you may also consider playing some new releases and adding more games to your favorites list! There are plenty of games available for streaming and downloading and, when you add PS2 classics, you truly get a complete package.

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