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PlayStation Classic Will Feature Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy 7, and Rayman

Nintendo had huge success with their NES mini console that featured some of the best retro games we loved to play, so it doesn’t come as strange that Sony decided to make the same move. The lovers of classic PS games will be delighted that they will get to play 20 amazing games for Christmas 2018.

These 20 games will be preloaded into the PlayStation Classic mini console, which will also come packed with two joysticks so that you can enjoy multiplayer gaming as soon as you set up the console.

Sony has just revealed the complete list of games that will be available on the console. Arguably the biggest name is the original Grand Theft Auto which features a fantastic opportunity for a nostalgic trip back to remind (or get to know) you with how the series started.

The lovers of Final Fantasy will get the chance to play FF7 again while the fans of stealth will sure enjoy the original Metal Gear Solid. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and Rayman are also intriguing titles that will put you down the memory lane. They can also serve as an excellent comparison to how the games used to look – it might not be a lot compared to today’s best-selling titles, especially in terms of graphics, but keep in mind that they were best-sellers and an absolute state-of-the-art at the time.

The lovers of fighting games will enjoy Tekken 3 while there a total of two games with clashing cars – Destruction Derby and Twisted Metal, as well as Ridge Racer Type 4 which belongs to the racing genre, too. Some other intriguing titles include Cool Boarders 2, Mr. Driller, Syphon Filter, and Wild Arms.

You can find out more about PlayStation Classic in the following YouTube video:

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