PlayStation 4 Firmware 5.0 Update – Features and How to Download

PS4 Update

It has been over a month since the latest PlayStation 4 firmware update went into the beta phase. After fine-tuning it, Sony finally released the next major system patch. PlayStation 4 Firmware 5.0 is now available to download for everyone. It isn’t mandatory to install, but it brings a whole lot of improvements so that it would be worth the while.

PlayStation 4 Update 5.0 Main Features

The core improvements that come with the latest patch might not be visible at once. There are hundreds of minor adjustments that will improve the performance of the system overall and enhance its functionality. However, here are some main features that are worth mentioning:

Add Your Family to PSN

Sony calls this enhancement the “Family on PSN” feature. In short, when you are adding a new user to your PlayStation network, you can add them as family members. The main advantage of this feature is that it makes managing children’s accounts and restricting their features easier.

To set up your family, head to the Settings section and choose the Family Management/Parental Controls option. From here, you can add up to six members of your family. You can make them parents (guardians) or children. If you choose to make another member a parent, they will be able to change the settings of all kids’ accounts created.

As for children, you can restrict their online access, such as communicating with other players, using the internet browser or deciding the limit they can spend in the store. You can also limit their access to particular games if you like. There is an additional feature that enables you to change the settings of parental controls from your phone or PC.

Set Separate Friends’ Groups

The management of the Friends section now offers many new choices that should make your life (or at least playing PS4 easier). The most significant feature allows you to create separate lists of friends. That means you can create a group just for a specific game and then quickly send invitations for playing only to those people.

Friends Menu

Follow All Accounts

Up until the PS4 Firmware 5.0 Update, you could only follow verified accounts on PSN. However, the new patch enables following anyone just by visiting their profile and clicking the Follow button. Just like on social networks, anyone that you add to your circle of friends is automatically followed. The improvement added now is that you can un-follow any number of your friends by choosing the appropriate option on their profile.

As before, you can visit the “What’s New” section to see all the updates on broadcasts and activities from your friends.

The Changes to the Quick Menu

The Quick Menu also underwent some changes. For starters, you can now view notifications directly from there, which is incredibly convenient. Aside from that, you can now see playlists and albums available in Spotify, as well as the current time. There is also a button to leave the party so that you can do that right from the quick menu.

Quick Menu

Stream in 60 fps

PlayStation 4 Pro users that are using Twitch will now be able to stream their gaming in 60 fps (1080p). That is far better resolution and a move that will increase enjoyment of other users watching you play. Aside from that, people that stream PS VR gameplay will be able to see viewers’ comments right on the screen of their VR headsets. Last, but not least, virtual surround sound is now available when playing content from DVD and BR discs and using headphones on your PlayStation VR.

Other Features You Should Know

  • There are seven new languages added to the PlayStation 4 with the latest update: Greek, Romanian, Hungarian, Czech, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese
  • Screen layout for Messages has been changed and improved, with preview now showing whenever a URL is included
  • When it comes to pop-up notifications, you can now pick their color or disable them while video playback is in progress.
  • You can hide details of the messages in the Notifications screen

How to Install the Update?

Your console should automatically prompt you to install the new patch as soon as you turn it on. If that doesn’t happen, go to the Settings section and then choose the System Software Update option. From there, you can manually update to PS4 firmware version 5.0. You should have Wi-Fi connection enabled. Also, the new patch has roughly around 375 MB, which means it will take a couple of minutes to download, so try to be patient. And if you want to see the details of each of these new features, then go to the official post on the ps4 blog here.

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