PUBG Overtakes Dota 2 and Sets New Player Record on Steam

Player Unknowns Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is heading towards becoming the best game of 2017.  The latest news revealed that it had become the top game on Steam, beating Dota 2 in the number of highest concurrent players.

According to Steam Stats, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds broke the magical limit of 1.34 million people playing at the same time. Up until now, Dota 2 held the first place with its 1.29 million all-time peak record. The statistics show that PUBG was better for about 50,000 players. That is something that nobody expected because Valve’s free-to-play release held the top spot for years.

PUBG Record

If you take a look at the Steam Charts, you’ll notice that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds also defeated Dota 2 in other aspects. Not only they beat their all-time peak, but their 24-hour peak is almost doubled at this moment. While Valve’s release has 658,000 active players in the last 24 hours, PUBG stands at 1.28 million, which is more than impressive. But not only that, Bluehole’s game is also more successful over the last 30-day period. It had an average of 540,000 players, while Dota 2 managed to attract 524,000 of them.

All This Success While PUBG Is Still In Early Access

The success of PUBG is even bigger when you consider that the game is still in the early access phase, which means that a lot of bugs still need to be polished before the release of the final version. Regardless of that, Brendan Greene, the creative director of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, proudly revealed that the game sold over 10 million copies.

Although PUBG was released in March, the number of sales went beyond the expectations of the developers and the gaming community. Considering that the game will soon debut on Xbox One, the sales are expected to rise even more in the following period. It is anticipated that the appearance on Xbox One will be a console exclusive. Although we don’t know what that precisely means, we can assume that owners of Microsoft’s console will be the only one able to play PUBG for some time in the future. The release for PlayStation 4 is also expected, but it is likely to follow later.

Those who tried the Xbox One beta version claim that there are differences compared to playing on PC, especially when it comes to using the console’s controller. It is suggested that cross-platform playing may be tricky because PC players might have a bit of advantage due to convenient controls.

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