PUBG Is Getting Three New Vehicles, and One of them is a Minibus!

PUBG Mini Bus

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds made an incredible success and quickly propelled to the top spot of the most played games on Steam. People are not losing interest, and the developers are giving their best to keep it that way. The latest update that should spice things up in PUBG is the addition of three new vehicles. And the biggest twist of all is that one of them will be a minibus!

That’s what Brendan Greene, the leading author of the development team, recently revealed on his Twitter profile. We still lack more details, but we can see a screenshot of the minibus that will be implemented in the game.

How Will the Minibus Affect the Game?

At first glance, you could say that the developers used the Volkswagen minibus from decades ago to design the vehicle that will arrive at PUBG. It looks like an old-timer, but what does this minibus mean for the game?

The truth is that we can only speculate for now. Players are hoping that it will be more useful in crossing open fields than other vehicles the game is offering. Also, there are discussions on how many players can fit into this minibus. There are even speculations that the squad sizes may see an increase.

As we can see from the screenshot, it seems that the minibus can accommodate more people at the same time. But there is another detail that got our attention. Notice that the background in the image reminds of a desert? If we are lucky enough, a minibus will debut soon, and at the same time, we will get a new in-game map.

PUBG New Vehicles

However, that won’t be all. Greene already confirmed that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds would soon two more new vehicles. There are absolutely no details on what can we expect, but we hope that it will also influence the dynamics of a match. You can see the concept for what could be one of them in the above screenshot. In my opinion, it looks very good and it would be great if something like this were to make it into the game.

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