PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Adds Two New Weapons to Test Servers

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds New Weapons

Bluehole Studios is not hiding that they were surprised by the massive popularity of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. While it might seem a bit weird that we haven’t seen a 1.0 PC release yet, the good news is that that day is getting close. The latest report from the official PUBG website revealed that the third update is on its way to the test servers. The most significant new feature seems to be the addition of two new weapons.

First of them is DP-28 that has attachable 4x scope and sights. It uses a 7.62mm 47-round pan magazine and can be found all over the map. The developers suggest that the weapon is efficient from long range and can deal considerable damage despite its low fire frequency.

The other weapon is AUG A3, which you can find in care packages. It’s a model of an assault rifle with a 3-round magazine for 5.56mm. There is also an extended version that uses 40 rounds. The muzzle velocity of AUG A3 is high, as well as the firing rate, and it has a low vertical recoil. Another change related to the weapons is that there will be no more Kar98k in the care packages, but you will still be able to encounter it across the map.

Other Changes in the Latest Update

As for the other updates, Bluehole mentioned that players would continue testing the climbing and vaulting feature, but they will notice that they underwent specific balance changes. The hit damage was also modified with the effect of blows to arms and thighs increased and the damage to feet and hands reduced.

Players might consider interesting to try using their parachute to land on the island outskirts. Those areas were previously not accessible. They also made a bunch of changes to the user interface and implemented new sounds. Four languages have also been added, including Traditional Chinese, Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil), and Italian.

The testing will occur for 48 hours this week. Everything starts on November 21st at 11 PM PST and ends two days later at the same time. Gamers will get to play both solo & squad modes across the regions of Europe, North America, and Asia. The authors asked everyone that tests the game to send their impressions on the official forum.

During the official testing, players managed to reveal the new desert map whose screenshots you can check out on this page.

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