Playstation 5

These Are the Features We Want to See on PlayStation 5

According to the recent exciting news, Sony is working on PlayStation 5! We do not have an official release date or any specific info related to the console, which prompted us to think about the features that the new console should have. We can just hope that the developers will read this and listen to us.

Backward Compatibility

Ever since this was first implemented, it is considered a must-present feature by many gamers. After all, there are so many releases that are timeless and worth playing regardless of the year when they were made. We have to be honest and say that PlayStation 4 didn’t do an excellent job when it comes to backward compatibility, so we can only hope this will be improved in the next edition.

Native 4K

This has already become a standard with PlayStation 4 Pro, but the truth is that there are many users that skipped that console and decided to save money for PS5. So, once that console finally appears, we are expecting native 4K support and we want it done much better than with PS4 Pro. When we say native 4K, we do mean that, and we are not talking about upscaled checkerboard Ultra HD resolution, but the real deal.

Cross-Play Support

Sony finally caved recently when they made cross-play possible for Fortnite on PlayStation 4. However, the studio is very cautious when it comes to this technology as they say that its development still needs a lot of perfection. In case you missed, Sony was among those who opposed cross-play when it was first mentioned and, although we would like to see this feature in all its power on their next-gen console, we are a bit skeptical when it comes to this.

Embrace the Power of Cloud

Microsoft recently announced Project xCloud that will enable you to play Xbox One games on portable devices by utilizing touchscreen controls. There is no reason why Sony wouldn’t go down that road, too, and this is not the only way they could utilize clouds, especially since the trend toward services based on subscriptions is continuing in the console industry.

Finally, whatever they decide and implement in the end, PlayStation 5 will still probably end up being the best next-gen console out there, which is why we are looking forward to more information regarding its release.

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