Atlas MMO

You Can Finally Play Atlas, A New Pirate-Themed MMO

If you delay your release several times, are you creating extra hype around your game or just showing your incompetence to release in time? This is the discussion the gaming community has been having about Atlas for several days now.

The new pirate-themed massively multiplayer online game was supposed to be released on Friday. Famous Twitch streamers were ready to test as soon as it became available, but they had to disappoint the viewers because the game suffered another delay. It has been a long wait, but now it is over as Atlas finally hit the digital shelves. It may still be in the Early Access phase, but that’s not what we should focus on now.

The facts do not lie and they say that more than 200,000 viewers from around the world are watching streamers play Atlas. Just as a comparison, Fortnite currently attracts around 150,000 of them. It is interesting to note that Atlas was only made available to streamers at first. It may be a funny decision made by Grapeshot Games, the developer, and publisher of the pirate-themed MMO, but it didn’t take long for everyone to get the chance of playing it.

That’s right – the servers are now officially live and welcoming everyone who wants to become a pirate. It is not a surprise that the first impression is the game reminds of ARK, except with a different team. Grapeshot Games is actually the same studio as Wildcard, the team that developed ARK – they only changed the name.

A Huge Pirate-Themed MMO

The developers describe Atlas as a survival multiplayer game focused on combat and exploration, sailing and piracy, building settlements and civilizations. It features more than 40,000 players in a single world at the same time making it one of the largest MMOs available.

The unfortunate thing is that the game is receiving mostly negative reviews from the users. A portion of this feedback is probably caused by the fact that they had to wait to play it for so long. However, some reviews indicate that the game is an apparent reskin of a game that was intended to be an ARK DLC. If that is the case, it would be quite disappointing and mean that a lot of updating is yet to come.

It may be interesting to note that Atlas is available on Steam at a 17% discount during the winter sale. Instead of the default price of $30, you can pay $25 and start enjoying the game immediately.

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