PayDay 2 Secret Ending

Payday 2 Has a Secret Ending and Here Is How to Unlock It

When Payday 2 was released on Steam in 2013, we were aware that it has a secret ending. The time has passed and nobody seems to be able to uncover it, which is why the interest of the community decreased. However, several players were persistent in exploring numerous dead ends to finally reveal how they can enjoy the secret ending. It seems that one of them finally succeeded!

It is a user known as GeneralMcBadass on YouTube and you can find all details related to the game’s secret in the video he shared with the community. Now, as expected, you had to collect a number of items to be able to unlock the ending and this implies that you need to go through numerous different missions. This is not where the journey stops as you are also required to figure out what some runes mean.

Actually, there are four components you need to find and put together in order to make a disk. This disk is filled with runes, but this is not where the quest ends. You also need to acquire a medallion and strike no less than nine particular piano keys.

Still with us? If you do all that right, you will get a rune mix that matches 20 achievements that can be completed in Payday 2. The total number of achievements is 50, but different 20 will be demanded from each player and they will come from various maps.

The next step is to launch the White House assignment. The entire group needs to finish the above-mentioned steps for this to succeed. Search the premises to find a glowing painting and knock it down to find a wall that you can blow up. Go through that wall and find a vault. Now, repel the demon waves as you try to decipher the next set of runes.

Did you crack the code? Excellent, listen to what the Dentist guy has to say and shoot him. Arrange the bars on tiles as specified and enjoy the show. You will get a seven-minute scene of live action and a text epilogue. It may sound confusing, but if you are a true fan of the game, the prize will be worth it.

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