Path of Exile Will Release on PlayStation 4 Before the End of March

Path of Exile PlayStation 4

In case you are waiting for the PlayStation 4 release of the Path of Exile, this news may be familiar, but the creators have announced that they know the date when the game will become available.

It isn’t the first time that the PS4 version of the title was delayed because the similar thing already happened in November 2018. Fortunately, it seems that we now have an actual date that Grinding Gear Games will manage to meet – March 26th.

That means the owners of the Sony’s console will get to play Path of Exile almost two years after its original Xbox release.

In the meantime, PC players are already enjoying multiple expansions as the game is very successful on that platform.

GGG Plans to have a Perfect Launch

The studio didn’t want to risk anything, which is why they decided to delay the game on two occasions. When it first happened in December, the explanation was that the POE could use additional improving. The developers refused to admit they didn’t like how the game looks but instead revealed that they need to polish it further. It seems that the polishing part is now over as Eurogamer confirmed the title would soon be available.

Grinding Gear Games have done an amazing job with the Path of Exile so far, which is why the PS4 community expects a lot from the game.

“PlayStation 4 will round up the platforms we want our game to be available on, and we are sad that the release wasn’t available sooner. However, we wanted to ensure that the initial impressions are positive, which is why we want to polish the game completely,” said Chris Wilson from the studio.

As a way of making things up to the community, the developer ensured that all the expansions currently available on PC would immediately release to PlayStation 4.

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