Overwatch Celebrates 35 Million Players Milestone


When Blizzard releases a game, it’s a safe bet that it will have incredible success. It’s nothing different with Overwatch, the online team-based shooter that recently reached the milestone of over 35 million players.

There has been over a year since the release of Overwatch in May 2016, but the developers are still putting in maximum effort to create the best gaming experience. Ever since it first appeared on the virtual shelves, the game is regularly being updated and new content is available for players. That’s an excellent formula to keep the existing fan base, but also a great way to expand it. That’s also where we should look for the answer to how this co-op shooter has reached the impressive 35 million player count.

Overwatch Is Watching What the Fans Say

Blizzard is always relying on the feedback from the fans and establishing stable communication with them. It’s not uncommon for the developers to answer questions on Twitter.  As well as implement the changes that the players were requesting. After all, they are the ones that spend days playing the game, and they know what changes it needs.

Overwatch has seen a bunch of new characters, fresh game modes, and maps, as well as seasonal content. For example, there is a special event inspired by Halloween at the moment. And all that just a short time after they added Doomfist and Orisa to the roster of heroes available within the game. As for the Halloween event, you can find all the information here. In short, there are more than 130 items for gamers to collect, including cool intros, skins, and emotes.

Overwatch is an online team-based first-person shooter where 12 players are divided into two teams of six. You can choose between more than two dozen available heroes that are split across four different classes – defense, offense, support, and tank. Each of the characters offers a unique playing style. At the moment, this MMO release is noting only increases in terms of the player count and this milestone will probably not be the last one for Blizzard’s game.

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