Overwatch Baptiste

An Official Trailer for Overwatch’s New Hero Baptiste Now Available

Is it already time for a new hero to be added to Overwatch? According to Blizzard, the answer is yes. The first teaser about who will be the new character in the addictive shooter appeared last week. Today, the news is confirmed – it will be Baptiste. His full name is Jean-Baptiste Augustin, and he is a medic by profession.

The video revealed yesterday shared the origin story of the new Overwatch roster addition. He grew up as an orphan in a war-burdened environment. He was trying to survive any way he could, which was his primary motivation of joining Talon, the powerful organization that could protect him.

His brain might have been washed by the group, but as he got older, Baptiste started developing a conscience. Over time, he realized that Talon is bad news and he should be looking to leave as soon as possible. He found a new purpose – improving the world in any possible way.

As Baptiste is a medic, it was only normal to expect clues related to his profession in the announcement video. We can see him with canisters tied to a bandolier, as well as holding a canister and a grenade launcher (or something that reminds of one). We will have to be patient until the launch to learn more about how Baptiste plays and what we can expect from his abilities.

Where Does Baptiste Come From

When it comes to his origin, we will bet that he is Haitian. We can’t tell you if we would put money on the fact, but the accent he has tells us that he comes from Haiti. Add to that the French name, and the information that the actor is lending his voice has a mixture of Canadian and Haitian roots.

Benz Antoine is the name of the actor who is in charge or Baptiste’s voice. If you take a look at his Twitter account, you will find that he is doing voice work. He didn’t mention anything in particular, probably because he wasn’t allowed to, but that is enough to confirm that Antoine is the voice of Baptiste.

Now that Blizzard has officially released the announcement video and some details about the character, it remains to be seen when we will get to play as Baptiste in Overwatch. According to the path followed with previous additions, we shouldn’t wait for long before we officially welcome a new hero.

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