Overwatch eSports League Season 2 to Start in February

Overwatch League Season 2

Not many games are capable of attracting and keeping thousands of players for months and even years, but Overwatch is one of them. Blizzard hit the jackpot with this hero-themed multiplayer shooter which probably exceeded even their expectations.

Since the launch, we have had the chance to play on various maps in different modes, as well as test different heroes until we find our favourite. However, it is the Overwatch League that attracted the most attention of the gaming community.

The first season of this eSports competition was organized in 2018 and Blizzard is definitely planning another season soon. In fact, we have the official release dates for the Season 2 of Overwatch League. There will be some differences, but what is truly important is that the event is organized on a larger scale than last year.

Overwatch League Season 2 will start in February and it will have four stages until it officially ends in August. The official start dates are February 15, April 5, June 7 and July 26. Each stage will last approximately a month during which 20 teams will compete for the trophy of the best.

Overwatch eSports Plans for 2019

When it comes to Overwatch eSports 2019, the good news is that the organizers ensured a higher level of flexibility for players. The schedule indicates that they are expected to play a maximum of two matches during a single week. There will also be weeks when they will be free which will enable them to rest properly and prepare for future challenges.

Overwatch Tournament

The league features 20 teams split across two divisions and some new players that are having their debut this year. The best teams in both divisions will qualify for the playoffs which will determine the final winner of the league.

Before the Overwatch League Season 2 starts, we suggest visiting its official website to find out more about the competition.

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