Overwatch Free Trial Begins on November 20th; Ashe, Other Heroes, and Maps Included

Overwatch Free Trial

Even if you haven’t tested it so far, you surely know what Overwatch is. The exciting and high-paced shooter made by Blizzard features cartoonish graphics and animated style that attracted millions of players worldwide. It helped that the game was made available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One – virtually all gaming platforms out there.

The developers put a lot of effort into constantly attracting new players. Among other things, they occasionally offer free trial runs that give you the opportunity to try Overwatch without paying a single cent. Another trial run has been announced recently. It will start on Tuesday, 20th November, and finish on November 26th. If you want to find out the exact timing when the trial starts in your time zone, you can check out this page.

For those of you that already played Overwatch, you may want to use this opportunity to try out changes implemented since the previous testing period. The addition everyone is talking about is Ash, new female hero added to the mix. Actually, she is only the first of six new characters that will be added in the coming period, but so far the only playable one.

Ashe was designed while having all those sharpshooters out there in mind since it can inflict severe damage. As for the Ultimate, she has the option of calling a friend to help. The friend is Bob, a mixture of a butler and robot, and he will run into the opponents and throw them into the air to make them a better shooting target.

The Full Package

There are no limitations for those that want to play Overwatch during the trial next week. All heroes and maps will be available, which means you can have the ultimate gaming experience.  The modes included do not cover only Competitive and Quick Play, but you can also test your luck in the Arcade area where Deathmatch, Mystery Heroes, and custom modes are available.

If you ask us, we would recommend Mystery heroes. The excitement that your character changes each time you lose your life implies that you need to master multiple heroes if you want to succeed. Nobody asks you if you love playing as a particular character which adds a whole new dimension to what you might be used to while playing Overwatch.

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