New Hybrid Map Called Eichenwalde Available in Overwatch PTR

Overwatch Eichenwalde

Blizzard released a new patch for Overwatch, but it is currently only available to the players in the Public Test Realm. You can take a look at the entire list of changes here, but there is no doubt that the most exciting addition is the new Blizzard World Hybrid Map.

It is an Escort/Assault map that celebrates the universes of Diablo, StarCraft, and Warcraft. The location is an amusement park in which you will get the chance to assault the Stormwind gates or sneak through the Nexus Experience. The area is filled with environmental hazards, flanking routes, and high ground and it should provide a unique experience to all those who love Blizzard’s games. You can take a look at the trailer for the map on YouTube.

As for the other changes, you can now throw out all bots from the custom game lobby by just using your right click and selecting the appropriate option. Blizzard also fixed a bug that led to some sound effects not playing when the users would use a controller to find their way around Options. Those of you who noticed performance drop whenever you fire in the piles of gold coins in Junkertown’s final Defender spawn will be glad to hear that this issue was resolved, too.

They also implemented about a dozen of improvements to heroes, including a couple of fixes related to the new hero Moira, which was added to the roster just a couple of days ago. That covers two issues related to visual presentation, as well as the bug that kept her from passing through the opponents when using Fade. That should make Moira even more attractive to grab for a test run and see whether she deserves a place among the heroes.

Keep in mind that the patch is still in the testing phase and that there is a good chance that not all changes will be included in the console versions of the updates once they are released.

What Is Overwatch Public Test Realm?

If you are a passionate Overwatch player and you would like to test the changes before anyone else, you can do it for free in the Public Test Realm. The PTR is open for everyone to participate and you can take a look at how to sign up here. Keep in mind that PTR is only available on PC and you can’t be a part of the experience on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

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