Overwatch E-Sports League Adds a Team from Boston

Overwatch Boston Uprising

Blizzard has plans to make Overwatch a notable player when it comes to e-sports. The preparations for the premiere season of the Overwatch League are in progress. And we recently found out the name of another team that will take part in it. The team’s name is Boston Uprising, and they will represent Massachusetts in the competition.

The intriguing thing is that the ownership of the team was placed in the hands of The Kraft Group, who we know from other sports endeavors. At the moment, they are the owners of the New England Revolution soccer team. But they also own New England Patriots NFL squad, which are the current Super Bowl champions. The Kraft Group also owns the Gillette Stadium.

Boston Uprising Details

The first competitive Overwatch team from Boston used the colors from the city’s flag, which is why they will play in a combination of blue and yellow. The same colors can be seen in the logo, which is comprised of the letters “B” and “U” featured in a form of a protective shield. It was only natural to select the Soldier:76 as the super soldier that will represent the Boston Uprising. As for the name of the team, it has a more symbolic meaning. It represents the resilience of the revolutionary forefathers from the region.

If you are a  fan of e-sports or Overwatch from Boston, you can follow your favorite team on Twitter, YouTube, and other social media. They also have an official website. The team is made up of great players who are ready to take home the big prize.

Overwatch League Details

The Overwatch League is gearing up for an exciting first season that will start on January 10, 2018. Five teams are confirmed to participate so far, the total list is expected to have 12 teams from 11 cities. The list of the teams we know will take part includes the Shanghai Dragons, Dallas Fuel, San Francisco Shock, Los Angeles Valiant, and Boston Uprising. Teams from Houston and Philadelphia are also expected to make an appearance, but that has not yet been confirmed.

Competitive Overwatch will also feature a preseason starting December 6, 2017. All games will be held in the e-sports venue in Burbank, California, that Blizzard specially designed for this purpose.

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