PUBG Has Banned More Than 13 Million Accounts So Far

Nobody likes cheaters in real-life and we particularly hate them in the gaming world. Unfortunately, they are an everyday occurrence, especially in popular game releases, such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The truth is that cheaters are causing a lot of trouble for the developers of this Battle Royale. In fact, PUBG revealed that more than 13 million bans were issued by Bluehole for using illegal programs to gain an advantage in the game.

The studio didn’t reveal this information themselves, but a Reddit user (and probably a passionate PUBG player annoyed by cheaters) combined data from almost 70 posts shared by Bluehole and related to banning players. Technically, the studio did publish all the data and it was now just united and summed into a number that seems whoppingly big.

Of course, it is safe to assume that these 13 million bans weren’t all for different players. It is quite possible that many of them tried to return to PUBG under different aliases, but once they made an illegal move, they faced another ban from the game. If you check out the statistics posted on Reddit, you can notice that the most cheaters appeared at the beginning of 2018. The problem for the developers is that the number of those who cheated increased with the popularity of the game.

We can also notice that lately, the number of players exonerated from the game has reduced. However, the question remains whether this is because there are fewer cheaters in PUBG, fewer players in general, or they found a new way to cheat and not get banned. There is no doubt that the number of players is also going down, partly because of the incredible popularity of Fortnite.

According to the announcement by Bluehole, they are planning on fixing and improving the game in various ways and we can only hope that will also include dealing with cheaters.

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