Outward First Impressions

Outward Is an RPG That Features Ritual Magic and Intriguing Survival Mechanics

With less than two months before its official release, we feel it is the right time to announce Outward. This RPG is characterized as a sandbox game filled with action and violence and it is being developed by Nine Dots Studio and published by Deep Silver. The latter stood behind Saints Row, which is the reason we have high hopes for their new release, too.

A new trailer for the game was revealed, but the truth is that we were not impressed. The developers did try to emphasize that you are just another person in the world. Despite the fact that you can develop great skills in casting spells or managing a sword, you are not the one chosen to save the realm and destined to be a hero.

The Outward world is filled with dangers lurking and you will need to find a way to survive. This includes regular meals, steering clear of rivals, as well as keeping your body temperature normal. The survival part of the game seems interesting, but it is still not anything that we haven’t seen before. The devil always lies in the details and this time it’s the beautiful things that are hidden below the surface.

We like the idea that magic is based on rituals. That means you cannot just use a fireball and torch an enemy, but you have to gather the require items and set up a magic circle. It is far more than just pressing a button and choosing the right timing.

A Unique Death System

The thing that we loved the most about Outward is what happens when you get defeated in the combat. The so-called dynamic death feature enables enemies to capture you instead of just killing you on the spot. As a result, you will end up as a slave in captivity that has to find his way back to freedom. Divine intervention and other scenarios are also an option, which makes things kind of cool.

Outward Gameplay

Let’s return to the survival mechanics and talk about food. Choosing the right meals can have a great effect – for example, meat before a fight will get you more energized While does inclined to magic might have to look for different meals. When it comes to items you can carry, there is room for only ten unless you purchase a backpack. They depend on the role you selected and that affects how the game will be played.

A multiplayer option will also be available and you can take things online or just play on the couch with a friend. Just sharing the world is an option, but playing together is what contributes to the fun. The official release of Outward is scheduled for February 12, 2019.

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