The Outer Worlds Is a New Game By Obsidian to Be Released Next Year

The Outer Worlds Release 2019

We can’t fight it – we just love new game announcements. Hell, sometimes it seems that we are more excited when a new title is announced than when it is released. And if there ever was a time to be excited about the release of a new game, it is for The Outer Worlds. This is an upcoming role-playing game with an extra FPS element that comes from Obsidian.

Obsidian is a studio that created Fallout: New Vegas and they excel at the business of making games. They were recently acquired by Microsoft, but this won’t be their game. Instead, it will be published by Private Division, a label belonging to Take-Two and focusing on independent releases. It may sound like a weird mix, but the important thing is that we get a high-quality game.

As for The Outer Worlds itself, the developers describe it as a single-player RPG that will be completely new, but do many things old-school and just how the genre fans love it. The fans of previous Fallout will also be delighted as it seems that there is an addition of wacky and weird that they will like. If you ask us, we noticed just a bit of Borderlands in the announcement. Obsidian undoubtedly knows how to tell a story which gets us pretty excited about the plotline of their new game.

A Different Approach

The interesting thing to note is that The Outer Worlds will undoubtedly be more adventurous than Obsidian’s previous releases. The official pitch offered doesn’t reveal too many details. It mentions that the players will head on space explorations and encounter different factions that are battling for domination. You will get to develop your characters and your decision will affect the story.

Granted, this doesn’t reveal a lot of details, but IGN did make a preview where they mention that we might expect a party of non-playing characters. We definitely love the idea of exciting NPCs that are created in detail and significantly affect the course of the game.

As for the released date, The Outer Worlds is scheduled for 2019, but there is no official date confirmed yet. The estimation is that we can expect the game in the second half of the year, but that is just speculation.

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