On June 11th, we all felt a sense of relief when Sony finally streamed their much-awaited PS5 showcase event, especially after it was delayed on June 4th. During the approximately 1 hour and 14-minute long event, we got to witness some pretty incredible stuff. ‘The Future of Gaming’, as Sony would call it. Trailers, gameplay, and the PS5 design reveal too, as you can see above.

We cannot wait for what Sony and Microsoft have in store for us as this next generation of gaming kicks off. For now, let’s countdown our favorite moments from this event.

5. Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena reminds us of something like Undertale. A fantasy game with a childlike energy to it but also enough depth to make adults wonder. We only have this footage as of now so, much of this is speculation of course. However, what we can surely see is some amazing art design, especially the characters. Our character, in particular, seems to be responsible for pushing away evil influences from the vibrant green pastures that might be our home. The subtitle of this game seems to hint so. We also see magical items, different combat skills, interactions with friendly creatures, and boss battles. The visuals and gameplay look promising.

4. Demon’s Souls

As Shuhei Yoshida rightly said, Demon’s Souls is near and dear to every Souls fan and a highly respected game to everyone outside. This 2009 masterpiece will be served to you on the PS5 with all the graphical enhancements you dreamt of just yesterday.

The first couple of frames don’t really shout out “Demon’s Souls” but as soon as the music starts becoming clearer and the man becomes visible, you know it is time to praise the sun. This project is undertaken by Bluepoint which have previously brought out remastered AAA titles superbly. There is no doubt that they will deliver again for such a beloved franchise. As we wait for Elden Ring and Bloodborne PS5/PC news, Demon’s Souls will do just fine.

3. Horizon: Forbidden West

Really, what an amazing trailer! The world they have created still remains one of the most breathtaking and unique ever.

The variety shown in this trailer itself is astonishing. We get glimpses of underwater exploration and the amount of detail shows you better than most games that we truly are in the next generation of gaming. Seeing Aloy back to what she does best was a delight. She is certainly one of the better RPG characters out there and it will be interesting to see what challenges she will face now. We do get a small look at potential villains but we can’t say anything right now for sure. What we can say is that there is some sort of virus that is infecting the lands, that may be called Forbidden West.

2. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Alright, first of all, the song used is On My Own by Jaden feat Kid Cudi. You’re welcome!

Going into this event, we did expect Horizon to make an appearance but Spider-Man was unsure. Well, not only did it make an appearance but it shattered everything else in terms of how much buzz it created. This unexpected hit franchise has quickly risen up to becoming a fan-favorite PlayStation exclusive, and rightly so. In the trailer, we see Miles rocking it with his electricity-based powers, his personal style of swinging, and some kind of invisibility/phasing suit? It seems that this game will be somewhere between Spider-Man 1 and 2. Nonetheless, this short and sweet trailer was enough to make this game highly anticipated for this year.

1. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Topping this list is another Insomniac entry! This was truly the selling point of the event, ‘The Future of Gaming’, that no one would have expected. True, other games on this list have more buzz around them but Ratchet showed us everything we needed from the PS5. A fun trailer coupled with even more fun gameplay. Here, there were no cinematics or fancy camera angles, just pure mayhem. That’s what gaming is! Also, this game has the player fall off from dimensions to dimensions, completely new worlds which are loaded seamlessly. Well, hello next-gen tech!

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