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It’s Official: Microsoft Is Retiring Kinect After Seven Years

It was evident that the future had nothing good in store for Microsoft Kinect. The company has now confirmed that their once incredibly popular product is retiring. That was revealed by the GM of Xbox Devices Marketing Matthew Lapson and the Kinect author Alex Kipman.

Kinect was through a lot during its seven-year history. When it had launched in 2010, it was considered a revolutionary product that offered an entirely different gaming experience compared to using a controller. In fact, Microsoft believed that they hit the jackpot with the device so much that they included it as a mandatory part of the Xbox One packaging. Unfortunately, that also increased the price to $500, which repelled a lot of gamers from purchasing the bundle.

How Microsoft Shot Kinect in the Foot

After that idea backfired, Xbox One continued selling without it. The first clue that could hint that Microsoft will retire the product was when the community found out that there are no Kinect ports on Xbox One S and Xbox One X. The company did later provide adapters that allow the use of the device. But even so, they couldn’t find its place as a gaming device. After selling over 35 million units since the launch, Microsoft finally announced that they would stop the production.

Those of you who already bought the device should not fear. The support for the device is still present across all Xbox One systems. Also, Microsoft announced that it will continue to be like that for future updates. The technology has gone a long way since then, but if you still haven’t tried how it is to play with Microsoft’s 3D camera, you only have a small portion of units still available on the market.

Kinect Is Dead, Long Live Kinect!

Although there was no place for the technology in the gaming industry, Microsoft continues to use it in HoloLens. The affordable depth camera and the capability of recognizing faces, bodies, and voices will secure that Kinect lives on in other products. Furthermore, there are rumors that Apple is the next company that will implement similar technology in their iPhone X. This gossip is supported by the fact that Apple acquired the company that initially produced Kinect.

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