No Man’s Sky Visions Out Tomorrow on PC and Consoles

No Man's Sky Visions

It seems that YouTube staff of Hello Games does a more efficient work than their marketing team. Earlier today, we have noticed a video on YouTube that talks about new stuff and changes that will be coming with the next update of the No Man’s Sky. Just a couple of hours later, the studio confirmed that the expansion will be called Visions and bring many exciting additions.

According to the video, we can expect the authors to focus primarily on the environment. The idea is to create unique worlds that will be exotic enough to motivate players to explore and make the journey memorable. Aside from adding new locations, the planet already added to the game will be adjusted, too. The idea is to make them more colourful, vibrant, and varied.

You can even notice the announcement of “5x planetary biomes,” but we will have to be patient to figure out what that exactly means. However, we are certain that rainbows will be included in No Man’s Sky Visions. There are not many things more beautiful than rainbows, but if they are not your cup of tea, there will be darker areas and climates that are not so pleasant but will contain precious materials for foraging.

Even More Things to Do

While aesthetics will be a priority, other new features are being added, too. Searching for remains of alien skeletons and collecting artefacts will be new activities in Visions. You can use this to add some decoration to your base. The other notable inclusions are community missions, corrupt sentinel drones, procedural crashed freighters, as well as completely new lifeforms that are not just otherworldly, but completely bizarre.

As we already mentioned, the update will release on November 22nd and will be the first major change to No Man’s Sky after July. The update is free and will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One at the same time. It remains to be seen how the community will accept the new update, but judging by the first reactions, they are thrilled with numerous new additions (yes, even rainbows).

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