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Nintendo Switch Will Get A New Controller Within 6 Months, According To Rumors


A different version of the Joy-con? Maybe a new rendition of the Pro Controller? Or even the N64 replica controller? Who knows what is heading to Switch within the new 6 months

Some internet users spotted a new product submission on the Federal Communications Commission website. It is likely a new controller for the Nintendo Switch according to all the evidence. A couple of letters accompanied this submission, and they all stressed secrecy. “Please be advised that the following information is to be held in confidence for 180 days from the date of the Grant of Equipment Authorization and on behalf of us”, one in particular states.

When accessing the FCC page of this secret new product via this link, one thing that sticks out is the model name, “HAC-043”. HAC is commonly associated with the Nintendo Switch. HAC-001 for example is the Switch console itself. HAC-042 is the latest addition to it, and it’s a SNES replica controller.

Some users argue that this cannot be a different version of an existing controller. And they support this claim by pointing out that alternate versions of previous controllers had a completely different model name. It was classified as “model B” or with an additional “-01” at the end. Not registering a completely new product, like in this case.

Fans of the Nintendo Switch are trying to guess what could this mean

Most of the users on Resetera forums agree that this is most likely a Nintendo 64 replica controller. And this has some serious implications. Remember the SNES controller I mentioned? It was released specifically for the SNES games added to the Nintendo Switch online store. This could mean Switch ports of beloved N64 games, with similar treatment as the SNES games got.

Others are hoping for something more “original” and “nuanced”. Because let’s face it, historically the N64 and its controller have gotten a lot of love. It isn’t the only console that the company has released. But it’s just that at the same time. Nintendo loves its N64.

Then we have some typical memes and some questions. One of the questions is, if it turns out to be an N64 controller, what colour will it ship in? The original had A LOT of colour variants. Whatever this mystery product is, we can expect its reveal within the next six months. For all we know, it could be revealed tomorrow. And it could be a fly swatter controller for some new 1-2-Switch minigame. Or a revolver, like the old zap guns. That would be badass.