Nier Automata GOTY Edition

Nier: Automata Will Get a New PC GOTY Edition – Will It Improve Gameplay?

The regular edition of Nier: Automata for PC was not very well received among the players. Although the game had huge success on consoles and many even consider it one of the top action titles in 2017, the conversion to PC was less than successful.

It seems that the developers expected gamers to be delighted just with the fact that they will get to play the game on their favorite platform. If that is true, they definitely misjudged the audience. They haven’t published a single patch for Nier: Automata PC and the only update was the additional downloadable content which didn’t repair any issues.

Numerous fans are still hoping that an update will fix the bugs and allow them to play the game as it was intended to. The fact that Square Enix has announced that they will release a Nier: Automata GOTY version doesn’t seem to help things much. Although we do not know any details, it seems that the studio plans to pack the initial release and the DLC, but any potential changes to the game remain unknown.

We wouldn’t get our hopes up as Square Enix had mentioned that they will fix the issues in the game before it is officially released on Steam. That didn’t happen, so until we get any news regarding the issue, we are looking to the modding experts like Kaidaien to provide us with an improved gaming experience.

We should mention that AMD and Nvidia also created drivers that should repair one of the issues, but that is their task as a way of supporting the PC gaming community.

What Is Nier: Automata?

Nasty machines from another world have taken over the world and expelled humans into another world. The chance of reclaiming the Earth lies in several androids A2, 9S, and 2B, who set on an adventure to restore the planet. However, as they are fighting the evil machines, some truths that were forgotten a long time ago could be revealed.

The best features of the game include high-paced battles filled with action, incredible visuals, and a beautiful, complex, and touching storyline. Although there are RPG elements, there is no doubt that this is an action game.

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