Niantic Announces Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Augmented Reality Game

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

It was 2012 when Niantic released the first augmented reality game for the mobile market called Ingress. That title turned real-world into a game board, but it was Pokémon GO that made the AR mobile gaming famous worldwide. It seems that Niantic plans to push the limit once again and exceed all expectations with their next AR release that will introduce us to the Harry Potter world of magic.

Niantic agreed with J.K. Rowling to acquire the rights to the franchise and the first game in what will probably be a series will be called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Although it does have our favorite sorcerer’s name in the title, the game will feature the entire wizardry world that Rowling created. That means we can expect a mixture that will also include characters and spells related to the Fantastic Beasts.

Are You Ready to Build Your Wizard Career?

If you were dreaming of becoming a sorcerer in real life, there is a good chance that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will make that possible. Being an AR game, it will feature an exploration of the real world. While you are walking around the local settings, you will encounter familiar characters and magical creatures from the franchise. Aside from that, you will also search for hidden artifacts and cast spells while you are leveling up your wizard.

It seems that the concept can go wrong. If you add that Niantic is partnering with Warner Bros to work on this game together, it’s more than enough for everyone to be excited about the future AR release.

“We are looking to create a fresh and immersive way of exploring the universe of the J.K. Rowling’s fantasy world. The expertise that the Niantic team has will undoubtedly help us to transfer the experience to the real world and make it enjoyable for the passionate fan base of the franchise,” said David Haddad, the president of Warner Bros.

We Are Only Starting!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be one of the multiple releases in the Portkey series. The console owners also have a reason to be happy because they will get to enjoy the games that the dynamic duo will release. Unfortunately, we don’t have a release date for any of them at this point. Niantic did promise that they will have more info at the beginning of 2018. Until then, you can monitor the official website for all the news on the game.

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