We had a brand new look at Ubisoft’s latest game in the Watch Dogs series at the Ubisoft Forward digital event. It is safe to say that Watch Dogs: Legion has had a lot of amazing new additions made to it since last year. A number of content creators also had the chance to play the Watch Dogs: Legion demo lasting a few hours, so expect more Watch Dogs content throughout the day. Let’s overview all the cool features we’ll get to play.

Watch Dogs: Legion is officially confirmed to release on 29th October 2020 on current-gen platforms, next-gen platforms, PC, and Stadia and it is going to be set in a near-future dystopian London.

Watch Dogs: Legion Short Film

Ubisoft kicked off their Watch Dogs: Legion segment for the event with a highly artistic and eccentric short film dedicated to the game. The overall plot was about recruiting a person to the DedSec cause. However, there’s much more going on under the surface. We follow an individual who is seemingly causing troubles for the tyrannical law and order and hence is being hunted by the police. We see glimpses of the oppressive world that is, one by one, taking steps to ensure total control. First, restricting immigrants. To this, the individual claims himself not being an immigrant. Later, this goes on the same for not being a protestor, journalist, or a street artist. These roles in society typically being pro-people and sometimes anarchist rather than pro-government or any established system.

We later see him being caught in a tough situation with cops surrounding him but escaping when a taxi driver flings open his door just in time. They reach a DedSec hideout where he finally joins the cause. This short film tells a lot about the overall concept of the game and the art design is something of a Spider-Verse and Disco Elysium mixture.

Gameplay and More

If the gameplay is anything to go by, then Watch Dogs: Legion is gearing itself to be the most diverse game in ages. From the playable characters to the gameplay itself, this game has a variety of narratives and gadgets that fit every choice you make. For example, we are tasked with infiltrating an Albion base (Albion is an oppressive police force in the game) and you can go about your mission with any character that you have recruited. Each person has their unique perks, tools, and abilities. So, if you want to infiltrate with a construction worker, you’ll have access to a flying construction drone, nail guns, and various archetypical tools. Perhaps the more interesting part is that you can potentially recruit cops too. Now, in the gameplay we do have a cop in our team and we see her simply walking into the Albion building because technically, she does belong there.

We will also have a ton of hacking options like cars, roads, phones, servers, etc though Legion also seems to have a high amount of drones, which will be interesting to see. Robotic spiders are making a return too but this time they are smaller and are able to climb onto people for delivering electric shocks.

It also looks like we will have an option to either play with Permadeath enabled or disabled. Permadeath enabled means that your playable characters can actually die and not be able to come back for the rest of the game. For those looking for a challenge, Permadeath is surely a kick-ass feature as it adds serious consequences to your actions.

We have not yet experienced the entire game but from what we have seen, the gun-play, melee combat, dialogues, and setting are a treat. It is hard to imagine how Ubisoft or any other company would pull off the “play as anyone” idea but if they do, Watch Dogs: Legion is going to be phenomenal. Oh, and the masks! Hotline Miami, anyone?

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