Vampire The Masquerade

Why We Think a New Vampire: The Masquerade Game Is in the Works

The weekend is a great time for conspiracy theories, and we have a crazy one for this Sunday. What would you say if we tell you that Paradox Interactive is teasing a new Vampire: The Masquerade release through a soulmate finding the app? It does sound weird, but let’s take a moment to explain everything.

The beta version of the Tender application launched recently. At first glance, it is another soulmate searching app, but then you realize it is powered by Paradox Interactive. Furthermore, you can use an active Paradox account to register and try the beta version.

Once you register, you get to answer various questions about yourself. Among other things, you will find a long list of interest, including things like rituals, witchcraft, demonology, Illuminati, and so on. As you can notice, plenty of items in that list can be related to Vampire: The Masquerade.

On to Theories

So, how does a conspiracy theory fit? The owner of the V: TM franchise is White Wolf as they created the famous tabletop RPG. However, the studio was closed down by Paradox Interactive after they made a wrong move. They utilized a real-life situation as a way to add to the plotline of the game, which angered the fans and Paradox had to assume control of the studio. Therefore, Paradox now owns a V: TM game.

Next, tabletop games seem to have big success in adaptations to PC. There are numerous iterations of Dungeons and Dragons, and Cyberpunk 2020 has also received a lot of hype. We already have one PC game set in the World of Darkness – Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines. However, several years have passed since it was released and now may be the right time for the next addition to the series.

Add to that all the teasers revealed in the soulmate app and it becomes clear – we can expect a new V: TM game soon!

We might have taken things a bit too far, but you can’t blame us for hoping. Ultimately, only time will tell if we were right.

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