Blizzard Will Combine Warcraft and Pokémon Go in a New Mobile Game?

Warcraft Mobile Game

When everyone was hoping for a legitimate Diablo sequel, Blizzard announced that we will be getting a smartphone release Diablo Immortal. The fact that the company wants to take on the mobile market wasn’t met with positive reactions of their fan base.

However, it doesn’t seem that this has moved the developers too much since they plan another mobile release soon. It will also be based on a popular Blizzard’s franchise, one even more popular than Diablo. Ladies and gentleman, we will soon have a Warcraft mobile game.

According to the insiders at Blizzard, it seems that the developers have a lot of faith in the success of their portable releases. In fact, they firmly believe that Diablo Immortal will be a great hit. This is probably what motivated them to further work on expanding their business into the mobile market.

Interestingly enough, the explanation is that the employees in Blizzard want to work on projects of a smaller scope. And while it is true that smartphone games are modest projects compared to AAA titles the studio has been developing, this raises the question of whether the staffers are striving for the highest possible success or not.

There’s More to It

This is not where the rumors stop. Believe it or not, it seems that the inspiration for Warcraft Mobile has been found in – Pokémon Go. Pikachu and his friends are undoubtedly popular in the world of portable devices and apparently in Blizzard’s studio, too. In fact, the employees are playing Pokémon Go all the time and that is how they came to the idea to make a similar game.

We can only assume that hardcore fans of Warcraft will not consider this a good match. Even we have to admit that it is not a combination we have expected. However, the studio has confirmed that we can expect several portable releases in various franchises and it wouldn’t be impossible to see Warcraft Pokémon mix.

If it is any consolation for Warcraft fans, the remastered version of WC3 is coming in 2019. That implies that, even though Blizzard is altering its focus, they are still dedicated to developing great games for PC and consoles. If you ask us that is what they are best at.

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