Conan Unconquered Release 2019

A High-Paced Strategy Conan Unconquered to Be Released in 2019

Conan the Barbarian is a comic hero that was created in the 1960s and will soon be rejoining the Marvel cast of characters. More great news for the fans of the franchise is coming from Funcom who revealed their new game Conan Unconquered. The studio that will be developing the game is Petroglyph, the same guys that are working on remastering Command & Conquer. They also the creators of Grey Goo and Star Wars: Empire at War. According to them, we can expect the game in spring 2019.

According to the developers, the basic genre of the game will be a strategy, but players can expect plenty of action at a high pace. In short, there will oncoming waves of foes that you need to annihilate, but as you progress through the game, they will become more skilful and their number will increase. You will need to set up defensive structures, such as walls and a stronghold. Avatar units will also play a role in helping you fight the enemies.

Aside from the classic single-player campaign, gamers can test their luck in an online co-operative mode where two players build a shared stronghold.

The developers actually compared Conan Unconquered to They Are Billions. It does sound kind of similar to the hordes of enemies attacking you and you making smart moves to fight the invaders. The studio plans for the game to progress in real-time. However, the players will have the chance to pause whenever they need to build new structures or issue commands.

Bloody Combat and Magical Heroes

When it comes to battles, there will be a lot of savageness and blood. The level of detail will go so far that corpse piles will be able to spread disease and depth. The hero units that you can unlock include Conan the Barbarian and each of the special characters include an important ability. When it comes to the army, only foot units are available at first, but you can expect cavalries and units with supernatural forces, such as sorcerers. Managing resources is an important element of upgrading your stronghold.

It is interesting to mention that Funcom has a total of three Conan-themed games in their portfolio. Conan Exiles was released already and besides Conan Unconquered, we can also expect another game inspired by this hero that will focus on a single-player adventure.

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