Bannermen, a Fresh Approach to RTS Genre, Coming in February

There can never be enough medieval real-time strategies, ask any fan of that genre. The one that attracted our attention in particular is Bannermen, a game developed by Pathos Interactive and published by 2tainment GmbH. The release received an official release date today as the studios agreed on it being February 21, 2019.

Furthermore, we also had the chance of checking out the official trailer for the campaign, which looks quite cool:

Bannermen will mix some basic RTS elements, including managing resources and building your base. You can also expect an element of surprise coming in the form of environmental magic. In practice, that means you can summon natural disasters like volcano outbursts, and tornadoes, as well as have other spells at your disposal to secure a positive outcome of the battle for your side.

“We are looking forward to publishing an excellent game made by an excellent studio. Bannermen should have a different approach than what RTS fans are used to, and we hope that is something the lovers of the genre will like,” revealed 2tainment’s Product Manager Alexander Wagner.

Both a Campaign and Multiplayer are Available

The game will feature a total of four modes, but the core one will be the campaign. The other three are multiplayer modes, which include ranked 1V1 and 2V2 matches, as well as skirmish where you join forces with other players to fight against AI. The release will also feature Custom Games where you will get to choose the map and terms for composing the team for up to eight players taking part in a session.

As for the single-player campaign, your goal will be to help the fallen Lord Berrian to rise again. It was not pleasant when he lost the Battle of Beckron, and now you are his only hope to save him. Can you make the right moves to help him regain his power and form an army to become the strongest in the realm?

The price of the game is still not revealed of Steam, but the developers mentioned that we could expect plenty of violence.

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