Here’s How the New PUBG Desert Map and Vehicles Will Look Like

Here’s How the New PUBG Desert Map and Vehicles Will Look Like

We won’t reveal anything new if we share that new vehicles and a desert map are coming to PUBG sooner rather than later. However, thanks to the fans that know a thing or two about computers, we get to see what these new features will look like!

We just need to clarify that this is not an official reveal, but rather something the players discovered. Bluehole Studios recently started test servers for the PC 1.0 version that will last until Wednesday Night PST. The portion of the gamers that tested the game also encountered these exciting additions and shared them with the community. After rumors of a minibus and a truck a month ago, PUBG seems to be getting even more vehicles. If any of these are real, chances are they may come out before the long-awaited vault update.

The Layout of the Desert Map

You can find the look of the new PUBG desert mini map on Reddit along with the players’ discussion. While they are excited that new locations are coming, some of them complained about the names used. For example, there is an area called Zombie and one of the users stated that saying something like “Let’s head Zombie” doesn’t make sense. The overall agreement is that the developers should stick to generic names, such as Wasteland and Military Base. If you head to the page above, you can also see the screenshots of the particular locations on the map.

PUBG Desert Map

Pickup Truck, Minibus, and a Jet Ski

As for the vehicles that will be available in the final version of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, we already talked about the minibus that was officially announced by Bluehole. We also knew at that moment that there would be two more new vehicles and we now know which one! The first one is a pickup truck, which could often be found in the community suggestions. It seems that the developers fulfilled this wish, but we still have to see it in action. For now, we can assume that it can safely fit two people inside. It remains to be seen whether there will be a place for more players in the back of the truck.

However, the most exciting addition is the new water vehicle. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s true: PUBG will soon feature a jet ski! You can see the players on Reddit loving the addition, but we also noticed the witty remarks that it reminds them of a clog. While that might be true, keep in mind that this is only a screenshot. We need to see the jet ski in action before making any conclusions.

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