Slitherine Neverdark

Neverdark Is a Cyberpunk Mix of Tactics and 4X Strategy Just Announced By Slitherine

Imagine this scenario – the entire world loses electricity supply and there is no communication or even the opportunity to use electronic appliances. It is only natural to assume that it would wreak havoc throughout the entire world. That is exactly the topic of the new game Neverdark, which was officially announced by Slitherine.

We know this studio for many great releases, including Panzer Corps, several additions to the Warhammer 40,000 franchise, as well as Battlestar Galactica Deadlock. Those are enough titles in the resume so that we can start feeling excited about their next release. It is interesting to mention that the game will be a debut of the Polish development team Simteract.

What Are the Main Features of Neverdark?

Neverdark will be a mixture of 4X strategy, but the aim is to make it a cyberpunk mixture of tactics and strategy at a grand level. After the global blackout, major cities across the globe have been taken by rebel factions. Your task is to retain control of several cities, including New York, Paris, and Tokyo.

As you play, you will notice the landmarks of each of the mentioned cities. However, you will now be placing military units and other battle-related infrastructures, such as medical stations and weapons facility.

Slitherine emphasizes that the game is still early in development, which is why they cannot provide more details. Even the Steam page doesn’t have a release date set. However, it seems that the goal will be to make a grand strategy similar to those that Paradox has been developing for years.

The creators reveal that they have looked for inspiration for combat in XCOM, which means that we can expect turn-based battles in Neverdark. Apart from the classic missions of defeating the enemy, you will also have the chances of escorting civilians and even performing assassinations.

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