NBA 2K18 Nintendo Switch, game modes, release date

NBA 2K18 Nintendo Switch, game modes, release date

It was exciting to watch the first Nintendo Switch trailer that was revealed at the beginning of the year. However, I believe that the moment when my jaw dropped (and yours, too, even if you don’t want to admit it) was when we got a hint of an NBA game available for the console. No, it won’t be Mario basketball or something like that (we already had the chance to play as the plumber and his friends under the hoops). Believe it or not, it will be a real NBA game and not just any, but the best one. Yup, you’ve got it right – NBA 2K18 by 2K Sports is coming to Nintendo Switch!

I’m sure that these are incredible news for all Nintendo fans, especially when you consider the problems the owners of their consoles had with third-party games. In most cases, they were not available or months would have passed until we see a port. That affected the lower sales of both those games and the console, but it seems that Nintendo finally got the chance to look at its financial reports and right a few wrongs. It seems that making ports for Nintendo Switch will be far easier than for previous consoles of this manufacturers because 2K Sports will be publishing its NBA 2K18 the same day as for the other consoles.

When Will the Game Be Out?

Before we head to what we can expect from the game, let’s answer the most important question. You can expect NBA 2K18 for Nintendo Switch on September 19, 2017. The good news is that the owners of the console can expect all different versions of the game like for other consoles. The new installment of the NBA2K franchise will have three separate editions – Standard, Legend, and Legend Gold. There is not much to talk about the first one because you can (only) expect for the game and the case, but the latter two editions bring some cool stuff.

The Legend version will feature 100,000 in-game currency money, as well as 20 MyTEAM packs on a weekly basis. It will also include Shaquille O’Neal’s in-game items. In case you’ve missed the big announcement, let me remind you that Shaq is the legend featured on the cover of the newest installment of the best basketball franchise. Aside from digital content, buyers of the Legend version will also get physical items, including exclusive stickers, Panini trading cards, and a limited-edition poster of the Shaq Attack. If you decide to buy the most expensive version – Legend Gold – you will get all that doubled and a lenticular as a gift. It’s a pretty sweet deal, but you should it comes for the appropriate price.

What Features Can We Expect?

If we learned something from 2K Sports, it’s that they never disappoint us. All their games in the last decade were nothing short of great, at least when it comes to NBA2K franchise. They still haven’t provided us a lot of details for the newest installment, but there is a vague description of the game available on the Nintendo’s website.

According to that, we can expect that NBA 2K18 will provide authentic NBA gameplay and outstanding realism. I think it’s safe to say that 2K Sports will offer this in the game regardless of the console, which can be a relief for all the Nintendo Switch owners. NBA 2K18 will provide only the best when it comes to the gaming experience. Even if it won’t be able to match the graphics on PS4 Pro or Xbox One (although we can’t claim that either), it’s still going to be the game you know and love.

Game Modes

The mode considered to be the core of the previous games will surely be there – you will be able to make your own future NBA star in MyPlayer mode and take him to the path of success. Different choices will cause different outcomes, so you will have a bunch of opportunities to shape your narrative. You will handle the games, training, make deals with sponsors, and form and nurture relationships with your teammates and other NBA players.

Another interesting mode is MyGM, where you can take control of an entire franchise and turn it into a (more or less) successful one. You will see that it’s not an easy task to run an NBA team and you might just end up feeling a bit more compassionate towards Mark Kuban and the gang. If you want to take it one step further, you can also use the MyLEAGUE mode to create a competition by your own rules. This will especially come in handy if you feel like playing with Euroleague teams. Yup, there is no reason not to expect teams from Europe in the NBA2K18 for Nintendo Switch, considering that they were present in all versions of the game for several years.

A Bunch of Available Teams and New Features

While we are talking about the available teams, aside from the current NBA teams and about two dozen teams from Europe, we will probably get the chance to play with some basketball legends and their classic teams. Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar…they all made multiple appearances in NBA2K series so far, and we expect them to make a move to Nintendo Switch, too. The important thing to mention is that 2K Sports has all required licenses so that you can look forward to real teams and players names in the game.

The fact that NBA 2K18 is coming to the Nintendo Switch is sure to push a lot of players who thought about buying the console towards actually purchasing it. We tried to list all the features that will surely be present in the game, but you can also expect new features the developers will reveal as the release date comes near. For example, many wishlists on the internet include enabling to make separate players for playing online and offline, making the transition defense better, or adding more college elements to MyCAREER mode. Regardless of what the developing team chooses to implement in the end, one thing is for sure – we are in for a great game in NBA 2K18!

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