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Steam Removes More Than 150 Games for “Straight Up Trolling”

Steam has been attracting a lot of attention lately due to their curation approach that can be evaluated as anything goes, which led to the first adult uncensored game appearing on the platform. It seems, however, that this doesn’t mean that Steam will truly allow anything to appear in their store, especially when it comes to the content that can be deemed as apparently trolling.

It has been a while since we read on Steam blog that trolling will be severely sanctioned in the following weeks and it seems that they are keeping up with that promise. According to some statistics, more than 150 games were taken off the platform during the previous several weeks. Some of those games are actually duplicates and clones with different names.

The releases that were removed quite vary in categories and no one is going to miss some of the titles, including lovers of adult-themed games. The games like MILK and Boobs Battleground were plain sexual, but also dull and stupid and they didn’t get a lot of fans. The examples are also Home Alone Girlfriend, Dad’s Co-Worker, and Big Dick.

Steam also decided to remove some offensive games, such as Putin, Boobs, and Trump, and that decision seems logical. Another game with obvious political trolling is Make Border Great Again, but it was also taken off. We have to admit that we will be going to miss the mix of Achievement Hunter games. Their beauty lied in the fact that they provided users achievement icons that you could utilize to spell words on your platform profile. A total of 32 games of this type were removed.

It might be interesting to mention that Hentai doesn’t seem to be a word welcome on Steam anymore. Hentai 2048, Hentai Sokoban, Hentai Puzzle, and four other games were removed from the store during the previous weeks.

We feel like it is important to mention that this doesn’t affect the users that already purchased and downloaded these games. Not only they will be able to keep them, but re-downloading will also be available at all times. The only difference is that they won’t be purchasable through the store anymore.

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