Mobile Legends Review – Gameplay, Heroes, Cheats And The APK

Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a game that comes as close as it is possible to DOTA 2 on portable devices. I know there are dozens of multiplayer online battle arena games for mobile market out there, but Mobile Legends found a special place in my heart for a short while. That is why I will try to review this fantastic game (don’t worry, I will be objective). Aside from that, the article will also list you the most popular Mobile Legends hacks and cheats, which is another reason to continue reading.

What Is MOBA?

MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is a genre that also goes by the name of ARTS (real-time action strategy), which is a subgenre of RTS. The premise is that a player controls a team (or a single character within it) and fights against the enemy. The goal is to beat the rival by destroying their primary structures.

Starting Arena

Mobile Legends is one of the games that made it famous on Android and iOS, but MOBA sub genre was popular for years before on PC. Millions of players nowadays play DOTA 2 or League of Legends. There are some details that Moonton used for their release from these modern PC MOBAs.

The Ratings Tell It All

Mobile Legends is available for free download in Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. If you want to see whether a game is good, it’s always a good idea to take a look at the user ratings and reviews. When it comes to Moonton’s release, it currently has over 50 million downloads and stands as one of the top free games, and that’s only for Android. If you don’t wanna acquire the game through the store, you can download it’s APK here.

The number of downloads didn’t affect the rating, and Mobile Legends maintained a high 4.5 out of 5.0 stars rating from the players. And when your game is popular with mobile owners around the globe, there has to be something you are doing right. Let’s take a look at what it is.

A Closer Look at Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends pits you against other players in battles that are relatively short. I played several of them, and the longest one lasted for 10 minutes, which is still not a small amount of time considering that you are playing on a mobile device. The developers couldn’t allow themselves to make gameplay mechanics that will prolong matches to last for hours. However, it’s still nice to see that they didn’t go with some lightning-fast solution for the duration of games. The length of matches can vary, but the amount is still right to secure that strategy is crucial and the quick dose of fun we are used to getting from mobile games.

Mobile Legends Gameplay

There are different characters that you can control in Mobile Legends, and they include Assassins, Marksmen, Tanks, Mages, and Supports. Once you get onto the battlefield, you will fight in 5vs5 teams, which means that there will be five players on each side. Two elements are crucial for the outcome of every battle – team play and strategy. Each member needs to give their best and adjust the tactics to the goal of the team if you want to win.

The Matchmaking System

Considering that ten players participate in each battle, it is good to see that the method of pairing opponents is rather quick. It usually won’t take more than 10 seconds for the Mobile Legends to find you a rival and place you into combat.

It’s not that hard to learn the gameplay mechanics of the game. It might be a bit tricky if you don’t have any experience with MOBA games, but if you have every played DOTA 2 of LOL, you will immediately figure out how things work. As for the characters, there is a broad selection of them. Some remind of heroes that we could use in other games. For example, Layla is incredibly similar to LOL hero Jix, while Alucard looked like Nero, who you might remember from Devil May Cry 4.

Familiar Control Method

The control system is pretty much basic for mobile devices, not only for the games of this genre. Mobile Legends uses a joystick on the left that you use to move around, while the action buttons are on the right side of the screen.

There is another excellent thing that I noticed in the Moonton’s game. If you get disconnected, AI takes over the control of your character. The amazing thing is that AI assistance does a good job while you are gone, and it won’t make stupid moves that might lead the entire team into defeat. If you manage to find an active internet connection while the battle is still in progress, you can return to the fight and continue as nothing happened.

Emphasis on Action

Mobile Legends manages to avoid the annoying farming that makes you do repetitive actions all the time. Instead, it emphasizes the action and looks to put you on the battlefield as soon as possible. Despite the fact that it is a mobile game, paying real cash won’t get you an advantage regarding upgrading the heroes.

The sole factors that decide the outcome of the combat are ability and skill. Moonton brags on the official page of the game that Mobile Legends offers competitive balance to secure fair gaming. Once you play a couple of battles, you realize that they are right. It all comes down to how you will perform. Depending on the role you select, you can become the MVP of the battle, or you can play the crucial background role in supporting your team’s efforts.


Once the battle finishes, you will see an overview of it on the screen. The MVP award will be given, but other players will also receive medals depending on the performance. You can also find out stuff like what gear other players used or how many kills were in the game. All that might help you to improve your performance and prepare better for the next match.

3D Mobile MOBA

Mobile Legends has astonishing 3D graphics despite the fact that it is a game for the mobile market. Depending on the quality of your phone, you can adjust the graphics to show low, medium or high details. That secures the best performance on all devices. However, if you truly want to enjoy the colorful world of this incredible game, it is recommended to play it on newer mobile phones.

Animations are smooth, and attention was given to the characters in the game. In fact, you can just see how incredible some of the roster members are during loading screens when Mobile Legends shows character splash art. As for the sound, although it doesn’t leave an extraordinary impression, it suits the overall atmosphere within the game.

Mobile Legends Tips and Tricks

Aside from the cheat tool for unlimited resources, the internet also offers you some incredible guides to succeed in Mobile Legends. If you are a beginner, make sure to check TouchTapPlay guide for Mobile Legends. The thing I liked the most about it is an in-depth description of all the hero categories within the game. Take a look and find out which type of hero fits the most with your playing style before you head into the fight.

Mobile Legends Heroes

If you want to read even more about the game, I suggest that you visit Mobile-Legends fan site. You can find loads of information related to Mobile Legends there, starting from game guides to an in-depth description of every hero and their features. You can also keep yourself informed because the website is regularly updated with fresh news about the game. Furthermore, there is a discussion forum where you can exchange opinions with other players.

Final Words

Mobile Legends is an extensive free-to-play MOBA release for Android and iOS. It has everything you could expect from a game in this genre, starting with the various roster of heroes up to intense action on the battlefield that requires combining the team play and strategy aspects.

Although you can enjoy Mobile Legends without a bunch of resources needed in the game diamonds and battle points till can get you a certain advantage over other players.

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